Dental Marketing

We provide dental marketing services that help dentists to build a positive online reputation & a robust online presence to acquire new loyal patients in this digital era.

Dental Marketing

We provide dental marketing services that help dentists to build a positive online reputation & a robust online presence to acquire new loyal patients in this digital era.

Drive Potential Traffic Using Social Media Ad Strategies

As a leader in dental advertising, we at Command Data Solutions pride ourselves on generating potential traffic, converting visitors into clients, and assessing effectiveness to eventually provide monetary results for your business prosperity. We can help you significantly grow your dental business and acquire new patients with increased loyalty and trust. It is our very mission to help your dental clinic stand out and business grow with an effective online presence and IT solutions.

Leverage Dental Marketing to Attract High-Quality Patients

Since you are a dentist, you may be finding it a tedious and time-consuming effort to manage your own business Facebook account.  The time spent on such activity also costs your service. Let us manage your social media pages, handle all your advertising activities on Facebook, and increase your clientele online so that you can peacefully focus on your practice and become a better known, reputable dentist in your community while surpassing your local competitors and achieving significant business growth in your area.

Cost-Effective Dental Marketing Package to Grow Your Practice

To gain increased following, target potential patients, and build your brand, make the most of our Dental Social Media Marketing packages that include:

For Smile Makeover, Dental Implants, Invisalign, Teeth Whitening, and special treatment or service offers.

Depending on the monthly holidays and special days or weeks, such as Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day

Depending on current happenings in your practice or clinic

Educate your patients and potential patients and help make them aware of treatments that are available

Get Exclusive Representation

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.

Take Your Practice To The Next Level &
Secure Your Exclusive Area Right Away!

Command Data Solutions serves only one dental clinic per specialty in each community or exclusive region within a 20-mile radius. We follow a wait list for dentists if we are already serving a dental office in your service area. If your exclusive area is still available presently, we can help you be among highly successful and prestigious dental practitioners or clinics around the United States.

How We Serve

Analyze Your Current Situation

Our team carefully listens to your concerns and conducts a thorough analysis of your matters by understanding your business as well as present market, industry and technological challenges.


The analysis made in the first step helps identify what is required in terms of technology, content, and design features and plans to deliver an effective solution accordingly.


Planning helps in creating a framework and constructing a foundational structure on the basis of which creative and technical team tends to develop an effective solution.


Upon several times’ testing and assessment, the final solution or approved campaign is launched and implemented rendering remarkable monetary results.


Where required as per business needs or desired as per the client’s choice, we provide continuous maintenance service for long-term results.

Why Choose Us

Personalized Service & Customized Solutions

We will look at your matters and concerns with a more personal approach and drive you result-driven solutions that effectively fit your corporate style and achieve your dental business goals.

No Long Term Contracts

We tend to make things as simple and quick as possible. Instead of building long term contracts, we handle matters efficiently within a short time-frame. We will stay in touch often to continually serve your changing needs.

One Dentist per Market

We will not offer our services to your competitors while serving you. That’s why we won’t provide anyone our dental marketing services in your specific geographic location.


We will work with you to determine the level of monitoring and approvals you'd like to implement during our service. Some of our clients allow us a high level of flexibility for Facebook posts, advertising campaigns, etc. Other clients require approvals for each item before continuing. This can change over the course of our services as your comfort level increases. We also provide a monthly report to your office that will list your metrics and results for the previous month.

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What Our Clients Say

The unique, best thing about working with Command Data Solutions is that their commitment to delivering quality results is simply unmatchable. They are extremely supportive, professional, and dedicated to doing what they claim. I highly recommend you to leverage their service if you want to increase the frequency of phone calls from your prospective clients.
Dr. Robert Hale, DDS
Family & Cosmetic Dentist

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